Monday, December 24, 2012

A collection of some of my writings, and that of others about me...which you may or not find of any interest.

Here you will find some of my mass media coverage (some are articles I submitted while others were written by journalists), as well as some of my most recent papers published in "peer-reviewed" academic journals which, as you may know, is a long and difficult process to publication. Getting published in an academic journal could take 9 months to 2 (or even 3 or 4) years, and often takes several rounds of edits and reviews (or even rejects). Due to copyright laws, I can't post full journal articles here, so I posted just the first page. Let me know if you want the full paper. To date (early 2017), my own published academic papers have been cited by 271 other academic papers! Not bad! My most cited paper is at 98. Nice!

About Me:
I'm a marketing research practitioner based in Hong Kong, but I work on worldwide projects. I completed my doctorate degree (Ph.D in Marketing) and in the process I published a few new papers in academic journals. Born and raised in South Africa, I lived in Canada before moving to Hong Kong in 1996. I'm particularly interested in advancing research design; analytics in the areas of brand and advertising research, customer satisfaction, loyalty measurement, service recovery, customer advocacy, and digital media & marketing measurement. Also love teaching at post-graduate level or tutoring of researchers and practicing execs. Also serves on several editorial boards of reviewers for academic journals, mainly in the USA and Europe. Been to 122 countries (published ten photography books and a series of magazines) and still counting, which continues to enrich my understanding of international marketing and consumer behaviour.